Inner-G Zing

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Inner-G Zing

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Everybody needs more energy nowa- days. Taking caeine products and energy drinks sometimes just doesn’ t work and can even leave you feeling wired and unproductive. But now, with Inner-G Zing, you can gain a natural boost of Energy to enhance physical & mental stamina that lasts ALL DAY LONG!*

Inner-G Zing - A jolt of vitamins, minerals & amino acids in every dose!

Who wants to settle for an energy boost when you can have a Inner-G Zing!

Retailing at $39.95, each Inner-G Zing pill has the pep effect of a full can of the leading energy drink. With 30 capsules per bottle, your customers will actually be saving money!

"All of those energy drinks were really hurting my wallet. Now I can get a month's supply for a fraction of the cost!"

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