Miracle Plankton

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Miracle Plankton
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Miracle Plankton is a combination of 3 of the most nutritious foods on earth - marine phytoplankton, barley grass and moringa leaf. Together these 3 superfoods provide every vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, enzyme, coenzyme, amino acid and essential fatty acid the body needs to repair itself and function at top efficiency, as well as some of the most potent natural anti-inflammatory compounds known to man. It is extremely high in chlorophyll which detoxifies and rebuilds the blood, raises energy levels, lowers blood pressure and balances blood sugar, while providing relief for inflammation and pain, improves skin and hair, brain function and helps burn fat by raising metabolism. Never before have these 3 superfoods been brought together in one supplement for synergistic health effects. Miracle Plankton gets nutrients into the cells of the body where they are needed in order for healing to take place.

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